Monday, May 05, 2008

Musical 'Iron'-y

Over the weekend, I went on a downloading frenzy, and ripped some great music from Wanda Jackson, Faron Young, Jim Ed Brown/The Browns and last, but certainly not least, Johnny Horton.

Most remember Johnny for his "Battle of New Orleans," but this man was the king of rock-a-billy with a twang, and had some pretty impressive fans like Johnny Cash. Horton was not a drinker, and warned others who did drink, as he played the Louisiana Hayride.

Here's where it gets weird.

Horton married Hank Williams' widow, Billie Jean (she was married to Hank for about two months before he died of an overdose in 1952) in 1953, and she was destined to be yet another widow when Horton was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in Texas, on his way back from a concert appearance.

Horton was only 35. I first took notice of Horton, when I heard the original recording of "Honky Tonk Man," when I was watching a film. Up until that time, I had only heard the Dwight Yoakam cover of the song.

"The Mansion You Stole" is a really interesting song, and they really don't make country troubadours like Horton anymore. Listen to the lyrics and/or read the lyrics here. I think all of us can relate to this lament in one way or another.

Faron Young was quite a character. I first saw him when the old Nashville Network was still on cable, and Young and Dottie West would host a video show that showed old clips from shows like Town and Country, Hee Haw, Louisiana Hayride, etc. It was an awesome show, but I had not heard of Faron Young, until I heard him sing "Hello Walls."

Then, I realized that I had heard versions of that song, but I didn't realize it was one of his biggest hits.

Unmitigated Gall is one of his hits that really stood out for me, when I listened to his work last night. The lyrics were written by Mel Tillis, whose daughter, Pam, re-recorded Unmitigated Gall a few years ago.

I just love the lyrics, as they seem ironic to me right now for many reasons. I cannot seem to find a clip of Faron singing it, but I will post the lyrics.

Poor Faron shot himself, after realizing he had a very serious illness, in 1996. It was a shock to his friends and family.


"Mansion that you stole"

The Mansion You Stole
The mansion I own has captured your heart
You said it was love dear but you lied from the start
I wanted true love but you wanted my gold
Someday you'll be sorry for the lies that you told

You've stolen my heart and you cheated on me
But someday my darling I know that you'll see
A house without love can make you so cold
And you will be lonely in the mansion you stole

"Unmitigated Gall"
Words by Mel Tillis

Well, how can you have
The unmitigated gall
To come back now
Expecting me to fall.

Right down on my knees
And kiss your feet, yeah feet
Feet that one day
Went a walking out on me.

With a fast talking slob
You hardly knew his name
Your mind is

And where did you get
The backbone and grit
To come back now
Expecting me to fit.

Right back into plans
That we once made
Plans that now are gone forever
To return never, ever.

I don't want you anymore
So get away from my door.
And let me live, live, live
And let me live, live, live.

Don't come messin'
Up my life again
How can you have
The courage and the nerve.

To come back now
Expecting me to love you
After the way
That you've done me.

Guess you think
That I'm a fool
But you're the one
That's blew their cool.

I don't need you anymore
So get away from my door.
And let me live, live, live
And let me live, live, live...
Here's Faron singing Hello Walls:

Okay, here's a question for any of the readers who still visit here. What famous singer/songwriter wrote "Hello Walls?"

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Great Post!!!

Oh, and the best part about "Irony" is that some people get it and the others who don't? Who cares! (evil grin)

Timeless, truley Timeless! ROFL