Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maybe Hillary should use her for door-to-door campaigning?

Our tax dollars go to MARTA--Atlanta's rapid transit system--and is this what we pay for?

Do we pay so unstable individuals can hold court and harass older folks, while everyone looks on and do absolutely nothing to shut her up?

All I can say is that maybe she can go to work for Hillary, in a last ditch effort to bully people into voting for her...

Actually, maybe Hillary--who often claims to be down with the 'peeps' herself--should start talking and acting like this young lady. Maybe she should wear the same garb, and call Obama "Shorty" a few times. At this point in her dismal campaign, it couldn't hurt.

Incidents such as the one below are part of the reason that racism is alive and well in the South, particularly Atlanta. I'm not saying it's right. It isn't, but I believe Rev. King is probably turning over in his grave when thinking that he lost his life, so idiots like this one could freestyle rap, while harassing an elderly black woman and yelling "Shorty," in every other breath.

I am sorry to say, but if I had been on that train, I would have immediately called the driver and had her escorted off, and, knowing me, I would have been 'chicken-heading' her back. Instead, it's too much fun to record the idiot going off and only respond after she's almost ready to kick the crap out of an old woman.

No doubt we are not like NYC's subway system, but oddly enough when I was in NYC, I didn't encounter any problems on the subway. It's only been here in Atlanta that I have been accosted by crack addicts, or a group of 'hooligans' yelling, "I don't LIKE WHITE PEOPLE...I HATE WHITE PEOPLE..." as they moved their way down the aisle, knocking a man's glasses off, while he pretended to read the paper, etc.

I've read that this young lady was off her medication. I really hope that is the case.

Well, on with "da show, BOY-EEEEEEE"

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cooliojones said...

If Hilary had used her, OMG it would have never stretched into June! This was one of the most ignorant public displays I have seen on MARTA, but hopefully people won't automatically assume it is indicative of travel on public transit