Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ever feel like this?--Human Tetris

This is, hands down, one of the funniest clips I have ever seen. As well, it certainly represents the stresses of life.

I felt like this over the last few weeks, as I have had multiple deadlines--emphasis on dead.

Add to that, a misunderstanding with a friend, which was aggravated by my lack of sleep, and it's just been fun, fun, fun lately!

The one good thing is that I am about to get another client (fingers crossed), and this client should be one that needs me every year for an annual convention magazine. Another is that my partner and I had a great weekend with some folks from her choir. We helped out with their yard sale, and it was so much fun. Great group of people. If you are in the Atlanta area, check out OurSong Altanta

Talented, funny folks, as I found out this weekend.

I hope for the few gallant return readers, you will continue to check-in from time to time. I am trying to keep the blog updated. I plan on writing a few posts this week.

Thanks for hanging in there and for visiting here.

Enjoy this video.


The Lady Mistabel said...

Your partner referred me to to. I have been deathly ill and not whating to whine have just passed by to request your prayers. My dog is dooing this for me. Her paws ararent up to it but qall she has tio YOOOOU MEEEEEEEN

Min O'Pause said...

Thank you sooo much for posting. I have been really worried about you, and I did not know how to contact you.

I have Diabetes as well, though mine is Type II.

We have been sending positive thoughts, and I am so glad you are okay.