Friday, November 09, 2007

Things to be thankful for today

I am thankful that I am not Karl Rove...

He was the closing speaker at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention, which I had to cover for one of my clients.

It's ironic that Rove is out of a job, and speaking at this convention. Maybe he can work at one of 7-11's new "Quick-E-Marts," modeled after the one in The Simpsons. I kid you not about that. What an ingenious marketing plan to partner with Fox and The Simpsons.

Anyway, I fear "Baby Huey" Rove would steal most of the "Big Gulps" himself, and blame it on the Indian guy.

I forced myself to sit through his speech, and it was really nauseating. He is such a liar--blatant liar--but he had that crowd in the palm of his hand.

Let's see if I can encapsulate what he said here:

--The Democrats fettered away all of the Social Security surplus, so that's why your son or daughter won't have anything when they retire.
--The Democrats aren't serious about terrorism, Iran, and they are to blame for the lowest ratings as a congress in the past 20 years.
--Iran is a threat and we must shut them down.
--Dubya really "cares" about the soldiers.
--The Democrats want to steal the small businessman's money.

Hmm, the last time I looked, Rove was no longer working for Dubya, but gosh darn, he sure sounds like he is still on the payroll.

I so wanted to yell out "VALERIE PLAME" over and over, but since I was representing my client, I thought better of it.

One brave woman--the rest were men who were putting Hillary Clinton down, etc.--stood up and asked Mr. Rove if he thought, in retrospect, that the UN should handle and be the governing body that decides who we attack, if we should attack, and why we seem to be such an isolationist country now.

Boy Wonder shot that one down like Cheney on a deer hunt!

"The UN is not effective in managing anything like that...I mean, come on, they allow CUBA to have a seat and vote."

I believe I was the only one that laughed out loud, for a different reason of course, than all of the rest of the crowd.

I am sooo thankful that I am not Rove. Thank You God!

I am thankful for friends

My good friend, Andrea, had a hysterectomy two days ago, and she came out of it just fine. I went through this in 2005, so I was able to tell her that she cannot lift anything heavy, including children, and that she needs to take it easy, even when she feels like she can jog the Peachtree Road Race.

I'm happy that she made it through and her pain will subside now.

Tonight, we went to dinner with a couple that we met through Susan's OurSong choir. They were hilarious, sweet, and very positive to be around, period. And the best part is that they picked up the tab!!!

We didn't expect it, but they wanted to thank us both for helping with the OurSong yard sale, and I think that's the nicest thing that someone has done for us in a long time.

I am thankful for more work

I got that third client!!! Met him at NACS, and he didn't flinch over my rate per word. If I do a great job for him, this could be a repeat client indefinitely.

I am thankful for FREE SCHWAG!!

I picked up so much free 'stuff' from NACS. T-shirts, key chains, autographed pictures of Playboy Bunnies (don't tell Susan! ha ha), Hooters Energy Drink (that, in and of itself, made my day).

I am thankful that I am not one of Nancy Grace's new twins

Because I fear she's going to name one Orenthal and the other James, whether they are boys or girls, or one is going to be named Trenton and the other one Duckett.

On that sarcastic note, I will finish this post.


Michelle said...

Oh My God...too funny about Rove! I need to catch up with you. I just got back from Argentina today, which I loved, and spent time walking around some amazing places. I've got some photos and stories to share! Much love to you and Susan!!

Min O'Pause said...


That is fantastic. Do tell...

Min O'Pause Peron

Tracie the Red said...

Do you work for an exhibit house?

I do. I work for Freeman in Orlando. My honey is in installation and dismantle.