Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Night, Sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you

Who has been keeping up with the Anglican mess?

It seems the 'conservative' side is in a twitter, and it seems that they are finally going to take their toys and go home!!!

Father Jake explains it for you, me and everybody else, much better than I can.

GOODY! It's about time. Please, please, don't let the door hit you on your arse on the way out!!!

I hope that all sides of this issue will now move on. If the schismatics are really pulling out and moving on (ah, just like a man, right?), then I hope they will shut up, build their mega-Pentecostal-charismatic-PowerPoint presentation-hands-in-the-air churches, and leave the rest of the Anglicans alone.

It's too bad that every one cannot worship together, period.

With that said, I will leave you with an uplifting ditty from the show, whose ending is embedded into my psyche. Every Sunday night, when I stayed with my grandparents every summer, we'd watch Lawrence Welk.

Don't get me started on my nightmares about Guy and Rawlna...

Anyway, I think this positive, uplifting, polyester clad song, says it all about the Akinola Bunch finally LEAVING!!!


Nicholodeon said...

Too funny, I sheds a tear at the Lawrence Welk clip...brings back many fond memories of Sunday evenings.

Although here I am talking black and white t.v. with a young Joanne Castle whompin' out something on the old ivories.

When Bobby was still on Mickey Mouse Club as a Mouseketeer with Annette Funicello...

Sigh. Ain't nostalgai great?

Ryan said...

hey thanx 4 stopping in on its raining men i was wondering if you would like to be apart of it i was thinkin about changing the name so i could get women 2 join the blog also i think a womens point of view is what we need on there. you can email if u would like 2 join at and ill send u an invite.

Min O'Pause said...

Hi Nich!

Oh my, I so remember Joanne Castle and Bobby Burgess.

It was that Tom Netherton that weirded me out. He looked like he was part of the Aryan Youth!

Thanks, again, for posting!