Sunday, June 10, 2007

David Chase Sleeps with the Fishes!!!

All I can say is that was the worst finale I have EVER seen, and some Sopranos fans may find it a fitting way to end--or not end--the show, but I think it was a very smug snub by David Chase to those fans who have waited over a freakin' YEAR for each season.

Like everyone else, I thought my cable went out right at the end, however it seems it was a deliberate 'fade to black,' that looked as if the cameraman didn't load enough stock into the camera.

So we are left to ponder whether the mysterious dude, who went to the bathroom in the greasy spoon where the Soprano clan decided to meet, was going to come out shooting. I truly thought it was a tip-of-the-hat scene to The Godfather, when Michael goes to the bathroom to find his 'piece' and he comes out and calmly shoots Sterling Hayden right between the eyes, drops the gun and walks out.

And what up with Meadow and the re-parking? So Chase is truly a control freak, as he still wants to control the whole damn thing and leave us wondering forever whether Meadow only views her families massacre, or whether the greasy spoon blows up, or whether life just goes on for Carmella, Tony, AJ and Meadow.

What about the Russian guys that Christopher and Paulie chased, or the whole mistaken identity killing of the Ukrainian guy that looked like Phil?

I don't think this 'no ending' ending is revolutionary or some sign of Chase as an artiste. I think it is a disservice to the loyal fans of the show.

Those of us who have watched from the start are 'Made' into the Soprano clan. When someone disses a 'Made' man (or woman), retribution is an option.

Does anyone have Tony Sirico's (Paulie) number?

Speaking of other sopranos and 'Tonys'....

At least Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson won Tony Awards for their respective performances in the musical, Grey Gardens. I think Big Edie and Little Edie are looking down and very happy for the wins.

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