Thursday, May 24, 2007

Much Ado About Rosie...

Since I have been working from home in the past couple of months, I must admit I've gotten addicted to watching the first few minutes of "The View."

Actually, I've always enjoyed the comedy and commentary of Joy Behar, but the rest of the ever revolving Yentas remind me of why so many people believe the stereotype that woman cannot work together without fighting for power, etc. As well, it was a bland show, in my opinion.

Enter Rosie O'Donnell.

Most people either really like her or really loathe her. I really like her. I am not saying I always agree with everything she says, but everything about her is real, period.

Is she sometimes hot headed? Sure. Is she in your face with her bluntness? Yes. But why aren't these things lauded in the press?

What is it about an overweight woman, who speaks her mind, gets her opinion across and sails her own ship that seems to intimidate so many?

Donald Trump speaks his mind, gets his opinion across and sails his own ship. He engages in all kinds of not-so-nice behavior in his work and personal life. But he's worshiped as if every word that he utters is manna from heaven.

Rosie has been pummeled continuously since she had her show. I can recall being on AOL, years ago, and on the Gay and Lesbian boards she would be picked apart, daily, for not coming out of the closet.

Some of the nastiest comments I ever read came from her own "peeps." Many times, the word "big" or "fat" would come before any comment about her. It was awful and so hypocritical for the GLBT community to be demanding that this woman--an entertainer--come out of the closet, just because it was demanded.

I referred to them as "Lesbigay Nazis." Rosie would periodically appear on the boards to confront some of the bullies, who would always back down and try to kiss her ass afterwards. She was having none of it.

Then, she got her hair cut short and the most vile things were said about her, concerning her haircut and her weight. It's not just one time. It's all the time.

I'm not sure I could withstand what she's been able to withstand, without wanting to cry at times. What it says, to me, is that it's acceptable to speak your mind, have a strong personality and strong beliefs, be tough in business, as long as you are a skinny blond with big tits, or if you are male.

Did you ever see a fat chick on "The Apprentice?" Fat men? Sure. There were several chubby and sort of fat guys on "The Apprentice," but not one woman that was even slightly overweight.

That makes Rosie's feud with Donald Trump all the more interesting. I think it's spot on and hilarious that Rosie revealed the hypocrisy of Trump. Worse was that I expected Trump to go after her with epithets about her weight and lesbianism, etc.

It's so typical. Hey, I'm not saying that Rosie didn't really step in it by her comments about Trump, but it would be interesting if it had been Elizabeth Hasselbeck who made the comments about Trump. Somehow I don't see Trump referring to her as a "skinny bitch" or what not.

Rosie has single-handedly taken a bland and banal show and turned it into something thought provoking, just by being herself. Like I said, I've always loved Joy, but Joy was sometimes muted out. With Rosie, she's shown her fire and passion for her political beliefs and both women have done a good job of letting the public know the other side of the "Iraq" situation.

Both have done what mainstream news outlets should be doing.

But here's the best part of Rosie's time on "The View":

Her interactions with Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

What's interesting is the dynamic there. Rosie has no problem speaking her mind, with great conviction, and most of her comments are spot on. She's a middle class girl from Long Island, for God's sake!! She's going to speak her mind, no matter if you like it or not.

What I notice with Elizabeth is her youth and her attempts to come across as relevant and informed. Her body language shows someone that is easily intimidated, and someone who feels muted by the other ladies on the show. I would probably feel the same way with such strong personalities as Rosie and Joy.

Watching her reminds me of how I was when I was around 18 or 19. I parroted the views of my parents, and I dare say that I actually voted for Ronald Reagan when I voted for the first time in my life.

Every time Lizzie tries to "stand up" and voice the Conservative "View," she falls flat because instead of reading the whole book on any political topic she's discussing, she reads the "Cliffs Notes," given to her by Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, mommy and daddy, hubby, or whomever.

It's so apparent that she is spewing rhetoric, period. And she just starts talking louder, and with this false sense of bravado, when she gets stuck by a pointed question from Long Island Rosie.

Frankly, whether I agreed with her viewpoint or not, I think I'd have to be restrained so I wouldn't just go over and start screaming "STUPID ROBOT" over and over again, until she cried. It would not take very long, either. She's that irritating.

See, if you want to throw someone in with a conservative viewpoint, to match Rosie, then call Ann Coulter. Now, that would be something to watch, because Coulter is no dummy. I can't stand her views, but she is the total opposite of Rosie, period, and she is very well informed.

The latest row with Lizzie and Rosie was so surreal. Not on Rosie's part, but on Lizzie's part. For once, Rosie was trying NOT to get into the conversation that Joy brought up. Joy was right on for bringing up all of President Dumbass' impeachable exploits, and if you care to watch the video recap of the fight, Lizzie starts getting red in the face, before Joy even finishes the list.

Once it got to the level of screaming between Lizzie and Rosie, Lizzie had no idea what in the world she was saying. Rosie's face says it all, as she looked stunned and bewildered.

Both of them totally missed Joy's point. More print space and on-air time are given to Rosie and her supposed feuds and fights, than many of the issues Joy and Rosie bring up on the show.

I'm giving it space here on my blog, but it's because culturally and socially I think the whole Rosie phenomenon is symbolic right now. This administration would rather have all eyes on Rosie and her fights with Elizabeth, than to have the media truly reporting on what is going on in Iraq, Washington, etc.

Rosie knows it too, but I could tell that she just could not allow Lizzie to keep spewing inane comments. It would be hard for me not to just get into Lizzie's face, and invade her personal space, just to watch her face turn red.

It would be different if she truly had a grasp on the issues and could coherently debate her view. She doesn't. It's evident.

Rosie NEVER said or even insinuated that she thinks our troops are terrorists. It NEVER happened, period.

I, for one, am going to miss Rosie and I am sure I will not watch The View that much after she's gone.

Like I said, I don't always agree with Rosie, but I will tell you this: I'd rather have her in my corner, as a friend, any day, over Lizzie. Rosie is the kind of person who, once you are her friend, she takes it seriously. I get that. I'm sure she's not the easiest person to get along with, at times, but aren't we all?

I recall a song that really reminds me of Elizabeth, and I'm going to write to Rosie and tell her to listen to it over and over, until her time is up on The View.

Actually, it sort of describes George Bush and politics in general.

You Don't Know Lyrics

(Cyndi Lauper, Jan Pulsford)
You don't know where you belong
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...
You just need to belong somehow.

Relying on rhetoric ...
Not well versed on topics ...
Any idea what you're talking about ?
Revisions of history
Fair well in some company
But don't shove that bullshit down my throat

You don't know where you belong ...
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...
To find something to swear to ...
Till you don't know what's right from wrong
You just need to belong somehow.

Left suppresses right
Right suppresses left
So what's the left, and what's right ?
You're told what to wear,
You're told what to like
I'd be nice if you'd think for yourself sometime,
But you don't.

Now you don't know where you belong ...
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...

Mix sheer hypocrisy with mediocrity
You'll play it safe every time -
So life turns up empty
And you're so dissatisfied
Who are you blaming this time ?
Don't you know ?

Thank you, Rosie, for speaking up and out about the troops, 9/11, and for putting yourself out there, period.

Rock On!

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Suzer said...

I agree -- I'd pick Rosie as a friend any day. Hasselbeck speaks as if she's not taken a history class in her life! She spews the same Faux News rhetoric over and over, in some desperate attempt to make it "true" if she says it enough times. That's this whole Administration's policy, isn't it? I wouldn't be surprised if Rove himself is coaching Hasselbeck on what to say.

The Lauper song is perfect!

As far as men lashing out at Rosie (usually white Republican men, some of whom are quite hefty themselves), I think it shows their weakness and insecurity. They are intimidated by her, because she's strong and outspoken. I don't know if she's always correct in what she says, but she raises some good questions.