Friday, January 05, 2007

The Mensa Award goes to...

Dr. Alice! (hearing applause)

Oh, this is priceless. Dr. Alice forgot to put that pill under her tongue this morning, to calm her down.

Here is part of her Mensa Award-winning comment on Cuckoo for Ko-Ko Puffs' blog:

Well, to put it bluntly, it's because your partner is f***ing stupid. Want me to draw you a diagram? I'll be happy to. The owner of this blog is too polite to state it in such terms, but I, having read your partner's blog, have no such reservations. Not to mention the fact that your partner appears to be unwilling to publish any dissenting opinions (I should know, since I have tried to post such on her blog), but Dr. Mabuse is willing to do so given that she has let your posts stand.

I so pray for her husband, if she has one. Can you imagine having to listen to that mouth all day? I bet her diagram would involve fecal matter in some way.

Imagine what her patients have to deal with, also. Yes, most intelligent folks resort to cursing to get their point across, right?

Yes, she is so brilliant that she obviously thinks that some other person she currently stalks is my partner. Um, one can check IP addresses to know and distinguish one obsession from the other.

Oh, I'm going to really have to check this one out.

I have a lawyer friend that can let me know whether she's been brought up on any ethics charges as a physician.

Gee, why do I feel that might be true? When/if I get the dirt, I'll be more than happy to post it. That's one physician that I would stay away from at all costs.

She might cut off your f***ing feet if she f***ing felt like it.

I'm so impressed by her genius that I'm going to start copying her colorful vernacular:

I suspect she's a f***ing Crappy Poopie Head doctor!! (sticking tongue out)

Remember, Dr. Mabuse is 16 times (not 15, not 10, but 16) the writer I am. I triple dog dare her to say that again, Crappy Poopie Head doctor!

Okay, I promise to return to other topics. I'm just having too much fun with this.


Lisa said...

You're cracking me up, girl!! And almost tempting me to return for another bowl of Cuckoo for Ko-Ko Puffs.

Min O'Pause said...

Oh, but Lisa,

They all seem to believe that I am your evil doppelganger. Sm-Ellie, Dr. Bigmoose and Dr. Malice are convinced that either I am you, or that Susan is you.


Good to see you. Hope all is well!