Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Check this out: Norman Bates lives

My goal is to write shorter blog posts, as I can't even read through these myself, without needing a break.

If you want backstory on what I am about to post, read the post entitled, "Are the planets aligned in some weird way?" Well, scroll down a bit, until you can read about the woman-hater, who has a real problem with my posts on a writer's Web site that I frequent.

There's an actual thread in one of the many folders there about what men should do when a woman is on her period. Well, as you can read in my profile, I don't really have to deal with that anymore.

Anyway, my little my misogynist left this nugget on the thread:

I told my mother that my GF seems to become a nasty, horrible piece of goods around that time, and i considered it best for me to try and avoid her as much as I can then. As a woman, she readily endorsed this view.

If I didn't know better, I'd think that was a piece of dialogue from Norman Bates in the film, Psycho.

Well, maybe his GF is inflatable. I sure hope so. That's sort of creepy. "Nasty, horrible piece of goods." Piece of goods? It doesn't take a degreed linguist to figure out the meaning of his words.


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