Friday, September 08, 2006

The sad selling of 9/11

Am I the only one that thinks that it's too soon for all of the 9/11 films?

Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but it's still hard for me to even watch the documentaries--very good ones, by the way--on PBS, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, concerning every aspect of that awful day in history.

I watched a fictional move on A&E, I believe, about Flight 93, and it was so agonizing to watch what 'might' have happened in the final minutes of those brave folks' lives.

I refused to see the two films that recently came out in the theatres--one, by Oliver Stone, I believe--because the actual event, and the footage from that day still replay in my brain over and over. I had no relative or friend that died in 9/11, but it still hurts me too much to even be reminded of the horror those brave folks went through, on their way to eternity. I can only imagine what the survivors go through.

I'm sure that's a collective replay.

Didn't folks wait about 10-20 years, before they started making documentaries and films about the JFK Assassination (I know, I mention that a lot in my posts)? As well, Vietnam? I do recall Frank Sinatra personally pulling "The Manchurian Candidate" from theatres, right after JFK died.

On the other hand, films about Pearl Harbor started right after the incident. "From Here to Eternity" comes to mind.

And now comes ABC's film, "Path to 9/11."

This is supposed to cover everything that was going on at the White House, with the CIA, etc., before 9/11. From what I understand, it's very "Pro-Bush," and makes a real concerted effort to portray President Bill Clinton as being a sex crazed freak, who was too busy boinking Monica, to find and stop Bin Laden.

Imagine that?

It's September. The launching of the final lap in the political jungle of elections, before the November vote. What better time to have Rumsfeld spouting the "fascist" word, against those who oppose what they continue to do in Iraq, etc.?

What better time to trot out GW at various conventions, etc., spouting off about how long the war against the "tarr-er-ists" will take, etc.?

And it's the best time to produce a film with half-truths, and--according to some like former Secretary of State Madeline Albright--outright lies about one of the most popular Democratic Presidents in history!

Well, maybe Clinton was too busy answering to the inquisitors, who spent millions of taxpayer dollars on an investigation into the private sex life of Bill Clinton? Could that be why he couldn't devote as much time as he needed to track down Bin Laden?

From what I am reading, the writer of this film is a staunch conservative.

Read for yourself:

The film was made available to over 900 conservative bloggers and media personnel, like that oracle of un-biased truth, Rush Limbaugh. However, when President Clinton, Albright, and others wanted to preview the film, they were denied.

Wow. And these are the same folks who claim that there is a sinister, "Liberal bias" in the media.

Pot? Meet Kettle.

Yes, leave it to this administration to use a national network to get the propaganda out, before November. "See, it's the EVIL, IMMORAL degenerates of the Democratic Party, who allowed 9/11 to take place!"

How sweet to exploit the 3,000 lives lost in that tragedy, for use as a political tool. If this is true, it really makes me wonder about those behind the scenes pushing for this to be aired. The families of the victims, who are left with a gaping hole in their hearts and forever in their lives, are flesh and blood humans, not pawns in a political strategy game.

Let's say that President Clinton was to blame for not capturing Bin Laden, when he had the chance.

Okay, well we've had about five years since 9/11, and the Bush Administration has failed to find, capture and put on trial, Bin Laden. Instead, we are engaged in a futile war, within a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11 and/or Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Can we blame THAT on Clinton, too? Can we blame the purposeful apathy to truly go after the mastermind of 9/11 on Bill Clinton?

Hell, let's just blame it all on Clinton! JFK Assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, Katrina. Let's make a board game out of it.

"Blame it on Bill."

I have this funny feeling that as November approaches, gas prices will continue to fall--because of the Republicans, of course--and whaddya think about an elevated terror alert, coupled with a Bin Laden sighting, or bombing of a "suspected" Bin Laden hideout?

The question will be, concerning all of the above, are we--the American people--going to continue to be so dumb and gullible that we take this latest propaganda bait, hook, line and sinker?

The counting of the ballots will tell. Someone make a call to that super cool dude, "Hanging Chad."

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