Monday, September 25, 2006

The Condo Leeza Rice Show

Actually, my new creative dream is to write a skit, based on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, about Condoleeza Rice and her relationship with the Bush staff.

In the Lou Grant role would be Dick Cheney. Murray Slaughter role: Donald Rumsfeld. Ted Baxter? President GW Bush, and our favorite Condi Rice as a spot on Mary Richards.

Can't you just hear her with that crackling Mary Richards voice, saying, "Oh, Misterrrr Chaneeeee?"

Take a look at Condi during an interview, and she has all of the Mary Richards manerisms. The cute head bob, etc.

See, you could do a take-off on the whole show, and do the opening montage scenes, while the theme plays, with Condi walking around the Mall in DC, past the Jefferson, Lincoln memorials, etc. Then, show her at a State Dinner, or during a press conference.

At the end, when Mary usually throws up her hat, you could show Condi throwing the 9/11 report in the air and five Secret Service men pounce on it and her.

Who can turn the world on with her smile.
Who can take a baseless war
And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile

Well it's you girl and you should know it,
With each State Dinner and every troop movement you show it

War is all around
Why don't you stop it?
Your boss is a real idiot
Why don't you just say it?

You might just make it after all!

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