Thursday, August 17, 2006

Somethn' just ain't right...

It's all over the news.

Some schlub has admitted to murdering JonBenet Ramsey.

Though part of me wants to finally take a sigh of relief over a conclusion to yet another collective nightmare--having your own child brutalized and murdered in your own home, has to be one of the worst things that any parent would be forced to live through--something just doesn't feel right about this arrest, to me.

Maybe I will be proven wrong, and this is the guy that really killed that little girl, but his arrest and confession sure seems calculated to me. As well, I find the timing of this revelation quite suspect too.

Do you think it's just a coincidence that only after Patsy Ramsey dies, suddenly there is this monumental break in a story that seemed to have no real ending?

Maybe it is. Maybe I'm too wrapped up in finding a 'gunman in the grassy knoll', but this seems to be all too neat, post-Patsy's death.

About a year or so ago, my partner and I watched a CBS 48 Hours special about the murder of JonBenet, and I do recall that a private investigator, who took on this case pro-bono, to satisfy his own curiosity, revealed that there was a footprint found inside the house, and outside the window (I am not sure on this, but this is what I vaguely remember) also.

Here is a link from People magazine, about the 48 Hours special:,26334,1008739,00.html

Here's a better, more indepth look at the show:

Michael Tracey is the college professor to whom the alleged killer wrote and confided. But in the 48 hours special, he alluded to several possible suspects.

This guy traced the footprint to some day laborer, who had worked at the Ramsey home previously. I don't remember what the story said, but somehow he was connected to another person of interest in the case.

A pair of boots was found in this guy's house that matched the footprint found inside/outside the Ramsey home. Unfortunately, and strangely, the man killed himself before police could really delve into this.

So, now all of a sudden, two months after Patsy's death, a confession comes from some creepy looking guy, who moved to Thailand.

He confesses that he was "in love" with JonBenet, because she was a little beauty queen, etc., and it was a botched kidnapping. He didn't 'mean' to kill her.

In my heart, I truly hope that this is the guy that did it so both Patsy and JonBenet can finally rest in true peace.

But I sure hope we all find out just how this person knew exactly how much John Ramsey's company bonus was for 1996, in order to write a ransom note--a note that was written in what looks like Patsy Ramsey's handwriting.

As well, what about the writing tablet that was found, with a practice ransom note? I guess we need two things to really confirm this is the guy: DNA testing, and confirmation that he was either living in Boulder, CO, in 1996, or records that he was even in town--airline records, phone records, etc.--during the time of her murder.

I haven't read that much on all of the theories surrounding this case, but I do remember reading about John Ramsey's company Access Graphics being bought out by Lockheed Martin. Allegedly, from some of the information I read, Lockheed Martin has been involved with some pretty weird, underworld things.

And I do recall that there was some allegation that kiddie porn was found on Access Graphics computers.

I don't know. The fact that this little girl was dolled up to look like some come-hither 20-year-old is just plain creepy to me in general.

All of these things just make me a little too unsure of this big arrest. It all seems so orchestrated and timed perfectly, two months after Patsy Ramsey dies.

My hope is that this is the guy that truly did it, and we'll find out how he did it, why he did it, how he knew the Ramseys, etc.

Think about it though. The alleged murderer spent a lot of time in the US, after the killing of Jon Benet, and even started writing a book about it all. How could it take this guy going to Bangkok, living within the porn district there, for our police system to suddenly know that this is their guy?

I want to feel relief that the mystery is finally solved, and that we can all move on from the nightmare, but in the pit of my stomach, I think something is wrong.

It's like my grandmother from South Georgia used to say, "Somethin' just ain't right" about this whole thing.

I'd love to hear any comments about your theories, or if you think this is truly the end of this story.

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Suzer said...

I agree -- it just doesn't add up. I'll be curious to hear more details as they are leaked to the press.