Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mean Glee

Recently, I read a column by one of my favorite writers and personalities, Dominick Dunne. In his August 2006 Vanity Fair column, he was describing his long history of attending The Cannes Film Festival, as well as the highlights and lowlights of Cannes 2006.

As much as I really don't care about the cult of celebrity that surrounds Cannes, I do like Dunne's take on things.

He was describing the visceration of Sofia Coppola's film, Marie Antoinette, by critics. Here's his quote:

"Someone described the savage a bunch of jet-lagged, hung-over shi*s. The mean glee flying around Cannes was so distasteful that it almost spoiled the festival for me."

Mean Glee. What a great term.

Though the world of blogging is not as sophisticated an affair as Cannes, I sometimes feel the same way.

The mean glee that sometimes flies around Blogger is so distasteful, it almost spoils the festival for me, also.

My partner has a blogstalker, who continues to obsessively view her blog--up to 10 times per day--and now this person has posted, specifically about my partner, on her own blog.

Usually, I let my partner fight her own battles and I do not get involved, but I found it oddly amusing that someone that my partner doesn't even know is so enamored and obsessed with my partner's thoughts on religion and the fact that she's a lesbian.

My partner will not engage this woman. However, maybe it's time for her to experience a little "mean glee" herself? I care not if she sees this post, nor her response to it.

She's obsessed so much that she posted parts of my partner's blog on her blog. First of all, from a copyright point of view, unless this troll gets permission, she isn't allowed to post material from another person's blog, if it is copyrighted. I could be wrong, but that's what I understand.

Secondly, as I read the blog, I had to really laugh. If apply her "mean glee," then, just from reading this woman's blog, profile, and previous posts, it's easy to see--at least to me and anyone else that has an IQ over 30-- that she could very well be a sexually frustrated woman who has channeled her frustration into hate of those that are free to express themselves and are living a life of personal truth.

Hmm, let's see. She's married, a stay-at-home-mother to three children with Autism, and is attempting a Weight Watchers comeback. "Mean Glee" dictates that she must be a fat housewife, trapped and frustrated. Autism is not an easy disorder to live with, or to watch in any child. I mean one child with Autism would be daunting enough, but three?

I think I might have stopped pro-creating after the second one, ya know? "Mean Glee" dictates that, obviously, there were some bad chromosomes coming down the DNA pike. From this woman's angry demeanor, and from the time she devotes to obsessively read my partner's blog, I'm wondering if she just leaves those kids in a locked room all day. Who has time to come back to view a blog over and over and over and over, every day?

However, maybe the Autism is borne out of a frustration with mommy? "Mean Glee" dictates that I might beat my head against a wall, repeatedly, if I had this woman for a mother.

Even weirder, is her obsession with Fritz Lang. Specifically, I found it interesting that she is enamored of the Lang character, Mabuse. Mabuse is a character created by and based on the novels of Norbert Jacques. He's a master of disguise, and his main goal is total anarchy against the state through perpetrating crimes such as Counterfeiting.

Interesting. The French meaning of "M'abuse" is to "abuse one's self." This woman is an analyst's dream patient!

From the research I conducted in college, when I wrote a paper on Fritz Lang, the character of Mabuse is one that is a master of disguise--a master of disguise that is clearly mentally ill. I believe in one of the films-- the Testament of Mabuse--he is seen in a mental institution, endlessly writing, while the director of the asylum conducts some seminar on split personalities.

Isn't the unconscious mind something? I mean, I wonder if this woman really realized the implications of selecting Mabuse as her personality icon for the blog? I mean, it would be like someone picking Charles Manson as their icon, because they liked "Helter Skelter" author, Vincent Bugliosi.

Personally, I enjoyed Lang's "M", but I don't think I'd use Peter Lorre's picture on my blog, with the character name, "Hans Beckert" as my nom de plume. It says a lot about the psyche.

Also, I read scads about Lang being approached by Josef Goebbels about a job within the Nazi party, as a filmmaker. I have no idea as to the validity of those claims, but oddly Lang made the Nazis quite uncomfortable with the political undertones of the Mabuse films.

This woman just posted about something related the Nazis. It was another odd post.

Given all of the above, it paints a really interesting picture of this woman and her need to ridicule others with whom she does not agree, concerning religion, church, God.

She is very skilled in "mean glee." How sad for her. I mean, as I did spend a few minutes of my precious time scanning over her drivel, she seems obsessed with visiting the blogs of those who happen to be lesbian, especially lesbian and Christian.


I'm all for differing points of view, but this woman is going out of her way to try to get a rise out of my partner, or others she's gone after. It's not enough that she has to post Ann Coulter-ish attacks, concerning my partner's blog, but then she has to obsess about whether my partner is going to respond to her crap.

This is better than Must See TV!!! What a weirdo.

And even funnier is how she really thinks she's Ann Coulter. She tries really hard to have the edge, the uber"mean glee" of Coulter, but she doesn't come close. I don't agree with Ann Coulter, however I think she's incredibly intelligent and she often uses that intelligence to get a rise out of all Liberals.

Half the time, I think it's an act. She can be vile, but she's elevated it to an art form. This woman doesn't come close.

After a mere glance at her blogposts and profile, even a mail-order, diploma holding Psych grad could figure this one out.

The last step, before truly coming out of the closet, usually includes a lot of anger and vitriol toward gays and lesbians, along with an increase in rigid religious beliefs. If her posts are any indication, I'd say she's very closeted and frustrated about it.

Maybe a little "mean glee" is needed to get rid of blogstalkers, like this one. At the same time, I suppose I should have some compassion for a woman who is so lonely and angry, she has to stay online all day and obsess about those she knows nothing about.

Very odd woman indeed. Oh, I do hope she sees this and brings her minions here. I need the site traffic!!!


Lisa said...

Sister, you have flat nailed it! You've said exactly what I've been thinking ever since that sicko started visiting my blog.

Like you said, Add it up: A woman who has three -- count 'em, three! -- autistic kids at home, and she has this kind of time to surf the blogosphere?? Where are her family values? Somebody call out the authorities and save those children from her ever-dwindling gene-pool!

And she delights in reading the blogs of lesbians?

Can you spell r-e-p-r-e-s-s-e-d?

Thank you for finally nailing this psycho as she has been begging to be nailed!

Min O'Pause said...

Yes, it was quite easy to figure her out, after reading some of her posts.

Like the old saying, "there's a thin line between love and hate," she's dangling from the line by a pinky, hoping anyone will pay attention to her.

Let's hope she doesn't turn to food, again, after reading this post. The last thing her children need, is an obese mother who can't even move around to help them stop beating their heads against the wall repeatedly, while they are probably locked in that room all day.

Women like that say one thing in public--in her case, going after lesbians within the Episcopal faith--but then probably have a profile, professing that they are "bi-curious."

That's the only conclusion I can draw as to why she is obsessed with wanting a reaction from my partner, or you, or anyone else she's attacked. It's really easy to sit behind a computer screen, but I am not sure she'd be so bold in person.

Thanks for the comment.